Thursday, October 14, 2004

What it's like when they make guns illegal

A thoroughly sickening account of the result of England's gun ban and their official policy on violent crime, which apparently is to do nothing until after you're dead. A quote from the story linked above:

"Mrs Pemberton pleaded with a police operator that she had 'about one minute before I die' as she hid in a downstairs cupboard while her husband rampaged through their home in Hermitage, Berkshire.

"However, despite receiving the call at 7.11pm, police did not enter the property until 1.53am the following day."

The utterlly horrifying transcript of the 999 (911) call is linked here, although squeamish readers might want to skip the end.

If this woman had been armed like her psycho husband, the police might have pried HIS gun from his "cold, dead hands" (apologies Charlton Heston) instead of carting three bodies to the morgue. Disgusting. This is enlightenment? This is compassion? I don't want to hear another goddamned word from the gun control lobby. Not one goddamned word.

From Natalie Solent


Anonymous said...

Bull shit.

This is an horrrendous fuck up, but it says nothing about police policy.
My brother Tim is in the police response vans in the UK and I can tell you they will use whatever force is necessary, whenever it is necessary, and they are ready and prepared to do so. I know the whole of Britain is completely gobsmacked about this - just as we are here, but it is not because guns are illegal there. It was just a huge fuck up.

I do not think there is much difference in violent crime between the two countries, except that in the UK people usually survive (obviously not in this case), whereas in the US "lead posioning" as they call it makes arguments end a lot worse. Also I do not believe that she would have used her gun first unless either well prepared and trained or lucky. Remeber the psycho is the person who shoots first with no quarms. The law abiding person is the one who hesitates because of the natural (and good) instinct to give a person the benifit of the doubt before killing them dead. It takes realistic and thorough training to get to that point.


Uncle Mikey said...

Well, I'm sure all that explains why gun violence has risen hugely in the UK and gone down in the US. You may wish to live where you're not allowed to defend yourself, and there are a number of cases in England where people who did went to jail. Have you been shot at here in the US yet?