Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Getting out of hand

This election has roused powerful emotions, and not a little nuttiness. Drudge posts a Smoking Gun arrest report of Democrat Brian Seltzer of Sarasota, FL, who saw Katherine Harris in the street as he was driving and accelerated toward her and a group of Bush supporters, swerving at the last minute. "I was exercising my political expression!" he apparently said, while admitting to the act.

Right below that, Drudge posts this story about Steven Scott Scoper of Lake Worth, FL, who threatened his girlfriend with stabbing if she voted for Kerry.

I think the old joke goes, "without Texas, Florida and California, Jerry Springer would have no guests." At least one of those is accurate.

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Anonymous said...

This election could be crazy for both sides - lets hope that America gets a staritforward and honest result.

Vote fringy for president!