Sunday, October 24, 2004

Rosie O'Donnell's sad little party

Rosie held an election rantfest in Ft. Lauderdale at Club Ovation, and almost nobody showed up. The night before, Cher tried the same thing at the Miami Beach nightspot Crobar, and the nobody showed up there either. Rosie tried to laugh it off, but Cher said, "There were supposed to be thousands of people here tonight. I'm not sure why that didn't happen, obviously the people putting on this thing were just not very good at it." Whatever you say, Cher. It couldn't possibly be because you talking politics is about as interesting as me talking makeup and plastic surgery. Never stop telling yourself it's not your dumb ideology but how stupid everyone else is. Keep that bag over your head, it's comfy in there.

But back to Rosie. Here's some of her, uh, humor:

""The best part to me in the entire debate was when John Kerry said we have to pass a global test before we enter into a war. And you see George Bush got all nervous because frankly the word 'test' terrifies him. He never passed one at Harvard or Yale, but whatever."

Sure, Rosie, Bush never passed a test at either place even though he graduated both. This from a woman who attended Dickinson College and Boston University "briefly" according to her bio.

It must be infuriating to know that you compromised your principles in every direction for a candidate you don't even like, and done everything you could to discredit a guy you and everyone else you know thinks is an idiot, and disabled whatever career you had left by pissing off half of your fans, but that it won't be enough. I guess you have to tell yourself things are not what they seem or you'll just collapse in a sobbing heap on the floor of whatever disco you're in at the time. Very sad.

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