Wednesday, October 20, 2004

More OBL-is-dead talk, from smart people

Greg at Belgravia Dispatch posts a long and deeply informative piece on whether or not Osama bin Laden is dead or alive. It's like a legal brief, with a thorough timeline of all the available evidence, and places the last time we saw what appears to be a living, speaking OBL at December 26, 2001.

This is precisely what the internet is good for, to my reckoning. Precisely. Read the entire piece, and especially each and every one of the links (including the well-thought-out counterargument by Dan Darling), and super-double-especially the last link he posts, from a reader with the same medical condition as OBL, for an insight into what renal failure means to its sufferers.

Educate yourself on this issue if only to atone for the porn and video games with which you've frittered away the toil of the hardworking nerds who have made it easier to know the truth than ever before. Don't let their programming be in vain! Then you can have a wank and play solitaire.

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