Thursday, October 28, 2004

Astronomic proportions

Here comes the Sun
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A post at Boingboing links to a collection of lunar eclipse photos at, where they host your photos for free at a rate of 100MB per month. As the Boingsters say, some of these are breathtaking.

On a related note, I guess, here's an excerpt from an astrology essay my sister Clare sent from Houston:

"This Cosmic lineup of five events in a 5 week period is, quite literally, an earthquake between two major realities here on Earth. Like the plates that slide up and past one another as continents floating on the surface of Mother Earth, we have our own
tectonic plate adjustments going on from October 1st through November 12th, 2004. And these are tremors. They aren't even a quake. These are mega quakes coming. And with Saturn in this mix representing the old guard, it is retrograding, so with both Neptune and Uranus, representing the new reality, going direct in this same time frame, you have the more hopeful one surfacing more

"Not with this gathering storm of huge, outer planets bracketed by two powerful eclipses thundering toward us right now. The ball starts rolling with the New Moon Eclipse of 10.13.04. This is a very nasty, hard-edged solar eclipse; far more butt kicking than normal. Why? Because the Moon is conjunct Mars and that portends towards violence, action, fire, guns, wars, terrorism, tempers out of control, for starters. More than anything, you can call this eclipse the ACTION trigger for the entire cascade of events that is to follow. Here's what it is going to trigger off:

"FIRST BOLT: New Moon Solar Eclipse: October 13, 2004 at 21 Libra (Aries by opposition) 06, at 7:48 PM PDT

"SECOND BOLT: Neptune goes DIRECT on October 24, 2004 at 12 Aquarius (Leo by opposition) 37 at 4:47 AM PDT

"THIRD BOLT: Full Moon Solar Eclipse: October 27, 2004 at 5 Taurus (Scorpio by opposition) 02 at 8:07 PM PDT

"FOURTH BOLT: Saturn going RETROGRADE: November 7, 2004 at 27 Cancer (Capricorn by opposition) 21 at 10:54 PM PDT

"And the last one that's going to finish it off as if lightning were striking us:

"FIFTH BOLT: Uranus going DIRECT: November 11, 2004 at 2 Pisces (Virgo by opposition) 52 at 11:11 AM PDT

"You take a look at this line up of rough and tumble bolts of lightning in this cosmic storm that's almost on top of us right now, and all you can do is gulp and hope that you got what it takes to get through it in one piece.There is no accident that this lineup is taking place right in the middle of USA presidential elections, either. You can expect the unexpected. I believe an assassination attempt or a terrorist event(s) in the USA, will take place at some point in the middle of this storm we're going to have to weather together.I have never seen three huge, outer planets like this, trip off one, two, three, in a row within 2 1/2 weeks of one another ALONG WITH two major eclipses pushing them into frenetic action. This is simply an amazing chain of sky events. And then, to put two kick-ass, butt kicking eclipses at the front end of this storm to
trip it off, you know it is going to be one hell of an EMOTIONAL time as few you have ever had to experience.Those most caught up in this storm, are the sun signs that are noted above. You (and the opposite astrology sun sign) will be most effected. So, prepare for changes in your life; sometimes
feeling as if, indeed a bolt of lightning has stunned you, thrown you off balance and you're staggering around, not sure about which way to go any more. Already, I'm seeing sudden announcements of people wanting a divorce from one another, beloved animals suddenly dying, people dying other words, with the two eclipses, our emotions are running hard and strong. And it's not all good news. On the other hand, I've seen people get something they've been working for and they are overjoyed. These eclipses are a
giveth and taking away on a grand scale in each person's life who is touched by them. Whether you have something coming into your life, or leaving, one or the other--or both--will be experienced by you personally. And it will alter your emotions and you will go, potentially, through a 'storm' of feelings because of it.No one is going to remain untouched by this cannonball express roaring down upon us in October through early November, 2004.
You might as well get over the fear factor and decide how to handle this chaos that's speeding our way like a runaway freight train."

Sure are a lot of weird things going on around me and most of the people I know. Maybe this explains it . . .

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