Friday, October 22, 2004

What did they think would happen?

Also from Power Line, what happens when silly, pompous Brit know-it-alls try to tell Americans how to think and what to do. I hate to parrot a rednecky response, but don't you people remember the Revolutionary War? A smidge:

"Yesterday, the first of about 14,000 Guardian readers' letters started arriving in the mailboxes of Clark County, Mr Harkins's home region - chosen by the British paper as a pivotal election district where President George W Bush and Senator John Kerry are neck and neck.

"The first letters to be made public all urged Clark County voters to reject Mr Bush. As he watched the reaction of friends and neighbours, Mr Harkins was delighted.

"He is the chairman of the Clark County Republican Party, and his neighbours' reaction was outrage. 'It's hysterical,' laughed Mr Harkins, showing off sheaves of incensed e-mails and notes from local voters.

"The Republicans' delight compares with the gloom among local Democrats, who fear that 'foreign interference' is hurting Mr Kerry."

Funny stuff.

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