Thursday, October 21, 2004

Erik, you sank their battleship

Erik at No Pasaran has absolutely crushed the "No WMD in Iraq" argument so many ninnies on the left have been blathering since late 2002. It astounds me that otherwise intelligent and logical people can be so dense as to believe Saddam wouldn't have the smarts, time and wherewithall to ditch, move, or otherwise dispose of any WMD or WMD production capacity in the four months that passed between Bush saying "let's go get Saddam" and it actually happening. The only victory he could hope for is to make us look bad in the eyes of the world, and it appears he got that done.

Think of how long it takes you to find your keys in your own house sometimes. Now imagine giving someone four months to hide them in your house or yard. How long would it take to prove they weren't there, and never had been? That's what we're up against. I'll say (and steal) it again, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence (thanks to William Safire for the quote). Read the whole thing, and there's much more on the topic if you're interested. Google it up.

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