Friday, September 28, 2007

KO by Cuteness

This just knocks me out, the look on her little face as she walks in the field at Hunt. She's got a lot of odd gaits these days, a lot of weird dances she gets into with and without music, and I try to keep up but it's no use. The kids these days, with the hair and the wild music.

Squinty McDarlingchild

Oh my Lord our child is adorable. It's not just me, right? She really is officially the cutest thing ever born on this planet, right now. I can feel it with my newly enhanced Parental Quantum ESP.

Ultimate Happiness . . .

Is waking up to this stunning, joyous smile every day. What a beautiful sight, our little angel in the oat field in Hunt, Texas. Can't you just feel the hug? How about the chiggers?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Daddy Time

There's nothing better in life than reading to your daughter. Not even a birthday cake shaped like the 1992 Cowboys is as good as that, not a motorcycle made of beef jerky, nothing. Goodnight Moon is always a winner with kids, they love it and the Big Red Barn, which is practically the same thing if you ask me.

More great baby pics soon!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Hey, I Didn't Die

We moved and I lose the power cord to this computer, the one with all my email addresses and favorite web sites and the power to post bloggy crap without knowing my google password, which I don't.

Anyway, check out this awesome version of My Funny Valentine by Chaka Khan, all jazzed up and sweet as hell. Not to mention this live version of "Tell me Something Good," introduced by Bob Hope if I'm not mistaken. In this version of "Ain't Nobody" she looks and sounds hammered and is dressed in an enormous length of plastic mardi gras boa. Freaky . . .