Sunday, October 24, 2004

I love to see this guy lose

I love to see this guy lose
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There's just something I don't like about Cardinals reliever Julian Tavarez. Some people say he's cocky, and I don't mind that. A Major League closer has to be self-confident, and he's a good one, so that's no problem.

He has a temper, and broke his left hand the other day punching a phone in the dugout, but I don't mind that either. Pitching is a lonely and often frustrating profession, and they should hang a couple of punching bags in the dugout to prevent this kind of thing (not to mention a padded seating area for the players, instead of a pine bench that puts everyone's ass to sleep, as my friend Shay J. so correctly observes). I don't even mind that he puts a little bit of pine tar or rosin on the corner of his hat bill (I thought it was rosin, but he was fined $10K earlier in the season for having pine tar there so frankly I'm not exactly sure what it is) and touches it a lot on the mound.

But he just looks weird. He wears a hat that's slightly bigger than it should be, and that irks me to no end. It's probably that he's got a small head, and it just looks funny in a baseball cap, but a friend of mine observed the same thing the other day. So there are two reasons I'm glad the Red Sox won last night, 11-9: Sox fans are happy, and Tavarez looked really unhappy about giving up the game-winning 2-run home run to Mark Bellhorn. Sorry, Julian. No good reason, I just don't like you.

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