Thursday, October 14, 2004

This remind you of anything?

Two guys in an affluent Seattle suburb spend hundreds of dollars on Bush/Cheney signs, only to have them stolen over and over. Then they stake out some of the signs, and catch a neighbor while he's stealing them. But they don't want their names published in the story, because after all they have to live there in enemy country. Remind you of anything? Like maybe overt racism or religious discrimination? Not surprising, because if there's anything more socially acceptable than Republican bashing, it's Christianity bashing. Celebrities think nothing of saying things like, "If I hear the word God or Jesus come out of someone's mouth, I just figure they're an idiot, and stop listening."

It's discrimination, and it is frickin' rampant in this country. Ask a high school or college student if they'd feel comfortable standing up in a classroom and announcing they support George W. Bush, or expalining their Baptist beliefs. There are many web sites now devoted to grading university professors on their level of political bias, all of which get plenty of traffic from kids who are justifiably worried about putting their academic records in the hands of true believers. Even the Colorado Senate feels compelled to step in to prevent such abuse. Evan Coyne Maloney has made an excellent short film on the topic, which is about 45 minutes long, but free.

If you have kids, you may want to keep an eye on their school experience. And if you're posting or wearing Bush/Cheney stuff, watch your back. People who don't like the way you think are willing to go a long way to keep you from expressing yourself. See here and here for more examples of liberal intolerance for opposing views. And they won't stop any time soon, I assure you.

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