Saturday, October 23, 2004

Politics from the people who brought you Falco and Britney Spears

From the California College Republicans:

"Connect the dots to Rock the Vote: In February of 2001, Jeff Ayerhoff, Co-Founder of Rock the Vote, said: 'There are 5-6 pillars sustaining the foundation of the Rock the Vote organization -- and Judy McGrath is one of those pillars. Without Judy McGrath, there would be no Rock the Vote…'  Incidentally, Rock the Vote, including its draft scare tactics and Democrat bias, has been given over $10,000,000 of free air time on the so-called independent-from-Rock the Vote MTV.

“Comments and facts like those make it hard to find the line where MTV/DNC stops and DNC/Rock the Vote begins,” said CCR Chairman Michael P. Davidson.  'The exact same lies coming out of John Kerry’s mouth are the exact same lies being used by MTV/Rock the Vote to scare young voters about the draft.  First Dan Rather, and now MTV/Rock the Vote.  Thanks a lot Viacom.'"

Viacom is desperately trying to influence this election, with MTV, CBS News, and books from embittered former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke, embittered former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, and embittered former funny guy Jon Stewart. Disgusting, and worthy of boycott.

Hijacked from Instapundit

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