Wednesday, October 13, 2004

But this I like

I'm not sure who this is, but I like his style. It's a rant on Roger Simon's participation in a gathering of novelists by Slate in order to poll them on who they were voting for in the presidential election. A pretty nauseating idea, and dude is not happy about it. An excerpt:

"Too-juicy Diane Johnson gives us a story about Americans in France, apparently one of three novels that address this gripping subject. I have no idea how you can fill three entire books about Americans living in France (even considering the over-broad page-count definition accorded to modern novels)--you drink overpriced wine, you have your French snubbed by unemployable Frogs, you eat boiled snot covered in white sauce, and you step in dog shit everywhere you go. What's to tell? I have less of an idea how this is supposed to relate to Americans in general. American expats are, I generalize here, all fuckups of various stripes. No American can relate to an American living in France because the very idea stinks on ice, so a whole novel about the subject just screams 'self-serving horseshit.'"

Read it, it's fun.

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