Friday, October 08, 2004

Why you can't trust the UN with this world

Click the title and read the fantastic Mark Steyn of Steynonline on the topic of what the UN can and can't do. On the topic of their most egregious scam to date, he writes:

"Saddam did more than $100 billion of business, all of it approved by Kofi Annan's Secretariat.

"In return, by their own official figures, $15 billion of food and health supplies was sent to Iraq. What proportion of this reached the sick and malnourished Iraqi children is anybody's guess. Coalition troops discovered stockpiles of UN food far from starving moppets. But let us assume there is an innocent explanation. Even so, by the UN's own account, Oil-for-Food seemed to involve an awful lot of oil for not much food.

"Where did all the other billions go? According to Kofi Annan himself, some $31 billion went on other 'humanitarian' spending for Iraq. Such as? Well, in 2002, the Secretary-General expanded the programme to cover other 'humanitarian' categories such as 'sport', 'information', 'justice' and 'labour and social affairs.'

"In Iraq, 'sport' meant Uday's rape rooms, and 'justice' meant a mass grave out in the desert, but that's not to say there weren't attendant expenses involved. So Kofi himself directly approved such 'humanitarian' items as $20 million for an 'Olympic sport city' (state-of-the-art rape rooms) and $50 million for Iraq's Ministry of Information (Comical Ali's office).

"As the US Defence Contract Management Agency's report put it after the liberation, 'Some items of questionable utility for the Iraqi people (eg, Mercedes-Benz touring sedans) were identified.' The Jordanian supplier of school furniture had to be let go on the grounds that he didn't exist."

Read the whole thang, freaks. And bookmark this guy.

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