Sunday, October 17, 2004

Who's more condescending, John Kerry or Kofi Annan?

Annan, by a nose. When he starts preaching about how to make the world a safer place, I can't decide whether to laugh or vomit. On the war in Iraq, he says, ""I cannot say the world is safer. We have a lot of work to do as an international community to try and make the world safer."

I guess he means that it's better to profit from a genocidal maniac than to depose him. Or that as the UN has done in Darfur, we should have continued to stand by idly, or find a resource we could loot through some fraudulent program that pretends to benefit the people it harms most. The UN has never come close to fulfilling its stated purpose, and has given up even pretending to try.

I've had enough of this corrupt, moralizing jackass. He and his organization are a cancer on this planet, and the sooner we boot the UN and its international pack of grifters out of power and out of this country, the better off everyone will be. For John Kerry to blather about the UN as if it were a legitimate tool of democracy, instead of what it really is, a coddler of some of the most vile totalitarian regimes the world has ever seen, is insulting, and for the American people to ignore or forgive such a thing is craven and intellectually dishonest.

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