Saturday, October 09, 2004

This must really piss liberals off

Is anything more maddening to Bush-haters than this? To see that for all their moralizing, for all their fine words, it took a George W. Bush to change tragedy to triumph for Afghan women? Of course, you won't hear Patricia Ireland of NOW (the one who said that "on balance, women have had an ally in the White House," about Clinton), celebrating the liberation of Afghan, or Iraqi, women. If there's one thing people hate, it's seeing someone they believe to be inferior succeed where they have failed.

I hear W did well in the debate last night, or at least better. Didn't watch. Spent the evening with the very young sons of two good friends and their parents and had an absolute ball.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt!! That is awesome that at least ten million people got to vote and had fun doing it. Kerry's answer is to pull everyone out since he is a 4 month pussy drop out and does not understand the importance of a secure America. I am sure he is laughing at the 5 year ago photo and the bullet going through the head of the oppressed female and bouncing off the dirt and saying "America is safe."