Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Jet Kart

Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
I wish I knew where this came from, and where I can find it. I know a number of people who would be willing to pilot this disaster and I'd love to see them try.

If there's one thing I have serious nostalgia for, it's the daredevil spirit of the early 20th century. I love old newsreels of wire-walkers and people who balance on two legs of a the top chair in a stack of 20 on the windblown roof of a skyscraper in New York, just being nutjobs for the joy of it. If I ever run for office, my platform will be largely based on encouraging barnstorming and life-risking, and a refusal to rescue climbers. You went up there, now get down by yourself.

I sure hope the builder of this kart is still alive.


Anonymous said...

I have a helmet and can find some gloves to pilot this puppy. If this sweet ride is not available then I suggest the new and improved model jet airplane power plants and build one Check out the Cri-Cri plane which is power by them and is carrying an adult male. The prop variety exists as well. I am ready for more speed!

Sokudo-San said...

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