Sunday, October 17, 2004

Election Trends from the Captain of the USS Clueless

One of the minor tragedies of my life is that right when I got started blogging, Steven Den Beste stopped. Bloggers burn out, and when they have as many readers as Steven did, and still does, it can be a burden, especially if one is as kind and intellectually honest as he is. Of blogging, and responding to readers, he said, in his penultimate post:

"I've learned something interesting: if you give away ice cream, eventually a lot of people will complain about the flavors, and others will complain that you aren't also giving away syrup and whipped cream and nuts."

Undoubtedly true, although it will be a long time before I know much about that. Hey, if people who read this spread Uncle Mikey around, who knows? I could burn out just like Steven has. Gerard Van der Leun at American Digest had burnout right after I found him via a Lileks Bleat and stopped blogging for about a month, which I found singularly depressing.

But on to the point. The title of this post is a link to a really cogent election analysis by Den Beste, via Instapundit, that will show you what we're all missing. Check it out.

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