Monday, October 11, 2004

Don't drive angry, little Donkey

From Allah, an article in about how, in Allah's words, "anger is about to lead the Democratic Party head-first off a fucking cliff."

Allah points out some examples:

“Pakistan President Musharraf should expect call from Bush. ‘Mushy? Time to wrap up Osama bin Laden. We need him for what I call perp walk. What do you mean, you don't have him? Find some tall, skinny guy with beard and shoot him full of holes.’” -- Boston Globe op-ed contributor and Democratic media consultant Dan Payne

Not to mention these examples from Professor Bainbridge. Shit is getting crazy out there, and I'll bet most liberals would tell you the 'root cause' of this nuttiness is George W. Bush, and therefore it's "understandable." You know, like people driving planes into the World Trade Center.

Al Gore called conservative bloggers "digital brownshirts," and I can't help wondering what he'd call the people who did the things in Prof. Bainbridge's post. And I keep asking, if W is Hitler, how is Michael Moore is still alive?

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