Sunday, October 03, 2004

The boy can't help it

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Kerry on hunting:

'I'd have to say deer,' said the senator. 'I go out with my trusty 12-gauge double-barrel, crawl around on my stomach. ... That's hunting.'

Kerry on snowboarding, after falling five times in full view of reporters and then getting crossed up with a Secret Service guy skiing with him:

"I don't fall down. The son of a bitch knocked me over."

Kerry on why, while throwing out the first ball at a Yanks/Red Sox game at Fenway from in front of the mound, he bounced it way in front of the plate to a soldier just back from Afghanistan and Iraq acting as his catcher:

"I held back. He was very nervous. I tried to lob it gently."

Kerry on dining:

"Everybody told me, 'God, if you're coming to Canonsburg, you've got to find time to go to Toy's, and he'll take care of you,'" Mr. Kerry said, dropping the name of a restaurant his motorcade had passed on the way in. "I understand it's my kind of place, because you don't have to - you know, when they give you the menu, I'm always struggling: Ah, what do you want?

"He just gives you what he's got, right? And you don't have to worry, it's whatever he's cooked up that day. And I think that's the way it ought to work, for confused people like me who can't make up our minds."


Anonymous said...

There is no mention of Kerry's culinary skills such as the awsome dish named "chicken smiley"

Anonymous said...

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