Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Utterly Repellent

Who knew I could think less of Britney Spears now than I did yesterday? Ah, but that was before I saw "Chaotic," the new reality show about Britney and her hillbilly idjit husband. I couldn't stand very much of it, but I did see the part where she says before the moronic convergence of Britven (supposedly) that she's looking for a guy who's less worldly than she is because she's "seen a lot" and wants to "see it all again through someone else." Or, more accurately, because she didn't really notice it the first time and hopes two numbskulls might be able to fathom a little of it instead of none.

My dream that her fans will abandon her sorry ass after they see what an fatuous, inane and profoundly stupid person she is can't possibly come true, but surely advertisers will think twice about attaching such an appalling dumbass to their products. Won't they?

Probably not.

UPDATE: TVgasm does a much better job of deconstructing the unbearable shallowness of Britney & Cletus' being here.


Anonymous said...

I unfortunately missed it and now sighing with relief after reading some comments made by her cheesebag husband. I swear this is the white equivilent of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Britney's cheese acts just like Bobby. All the show probably needs now are guest visits by Anna Nicole Smith. That I would watch for it would symbolize a new beginning to the decline of western civilization.

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