Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Horror

This may be a very old site, but it's strangely compelling. People write anonymous confessions, often of pretty nasty/horrible things, and leave them on the site for others to read. Things like these:

I have sex regularly with my step mother at least once a week if not more.

You know what it's like to lick a wound. Wounds have a distinct taste. I always lick my wounds (paper cuts, bloody lip, etc), to make them feel better. Everyone does. But I just had a weird and disturbing thought. I wonder if I licked another person's wound... Would it taste like my wounds?

sometimes i picture my friendsin the nude. i dont no why but it really turns me on

I saw my little brother felching the family kitten and now i want to kill myself. It is the nastiest thing i've ever seen and i just can't get it out of my head. I also have thoughts of killing my brother

I wish my husband would get killed in an accident so I wouldn't have to leave him.

i gave head to a chinese midget

And what may be the most awful confession on the site ever (although I doubt it):

I just turned 26. I haven't had a relationship in almost 5 years now. I act like I don't care and don't want one but I really do. I masturbate almost everyday. I try not to but I'm in too much physical and emotional pain not to and it's my only form of relief in this cruel world. I haven't had real sex in over a year and that was the first time in 4 years and that was with someone I didn't know, and that someone I didn't know was a prostitute, and I didn't want to f*ck that prostitute all I wanted to do is cuddle (I'm seriously not lying, why would I on this site) but she kept telling me she wanted to f*ck, she went down on me, I ended up letting her f*ck me, it was the worst sex I ever had and I actually forced myself to come. I lived the next year in fear for my life thinking I had aids for sure but I got checked and I don't. I think the prostitute might have been a man with a sex change because the p*ssy just didn't feel right at all. Maybe it's because I'm paranoid. Maybe it's because I never had sex with someone who has probably had sex 10 times a night for the past I don't know how many years, maybe it's because my erection curves to the right. I'm short. I'm lonely. I'm desperate. I'm in physical pain all the time from tension because I'm a nervous, timid, loser. The only time I ever felt release was the last time I got high but I don't want to get high because if I was anymore brain dead than I already am I'd be mentally retarded. I am unemployed and sleep all day. I hate my life. I should have married my ex girlfriend but instead I distanced myself from her when she started getting fat. I had sex with her all the time even though she was a christian and I was supposedly a christian too. She loved me so much she would always let me have sex with her however I wanted whenever I wanted. she would cry and tell me she felt guilty for sinning and then I would take her mind off of it and have sex with her the next day. I don't know how many times we had sex but I do know sometimes she was in pain and I didn't care and she cared enough about me to let me continue until I climaxed. She thinks I was a sex addict. I think I am too. I hate myself and my life. I'm pathetic and know you think so too and I'm glad. I deserve to be exposed.

Wow that's messed up. I officially feel bad for any self-pity I've ever experienced, my life is an endless picnic by comparison.

UPDATE: I forgot to credit my good friend Mike Shay, from here in Austin, for showing me this. Here's a pic of his awesome car, which almost killed me yesterday. What a thrill ride, complete with a 250-degree blast of wind on my right leg the whole way and a consistent fear of decapitation. Thanks Crazy Mike!


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

DAMN! How did my confession get out onto the 'net? That was supposed to be my SECRET!

Anonymous said...

here is another anonymous confessions site, here ppl add comments as well ..

Anonymous said...

forgot to give the site (((:

dwvr said...

Here's the greatest confession site of them all:
...just keep hitting "reload."

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