Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's Official: I Hate American Idol

I've said enough about Paula Abdul, and it should go without saying that I'm very excited that she and the show are about to get dumped on by ABC, because they both deserve it. But last night was the last straw, a crapfest from beginning to end. I will admit Bo's version of Stand By Me was OK, and Carrie is just good whatever she does, but whose idea was it to make them do Lieber and Stoller songs? Almost none of the ones who are left can pull it off.

And I just can't stand Vonzell any more. She's a good, maybe great, singer, but I absolutely hate her for being so fake-happy (in 20 years that false smile will become a Paula Abdul rictus of bull$#it) and self-promoting like a used car salesman. It's shameless and gross and it makes me want to punch her.

I've got nothing to say about the others. This season had the best talent pool of any of the four, and almost all of the interesting ones are gone. I've always suspected there was favoritism and funnny business behind the scenes, and maybe ABC can confirm it in the special tonight, which I will watch out of pure schadenfreude even though it will probably suck too.

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