Friday, May 20, 2005

Excellent Point, Jim. No, Not You, Brooks

Cold Fury links to this today, which makes a good point:

Seeing the way Newsweek has offered a weak apology, offered no further information about their backtracking source, and then promptly blamed everybody but themselves…

Does it still really count as a ‘news’ magazine? I mean, for an opinion mag, doesn’t National Review or the Weekly Standard do a better job of offering a full picture of Iraq and other issues? Heck, if you don’t want a conservative example, how about the New Republic or the Atlantic?

Newsweek isn’t just skewed or biased. It pages are mostly brief and fluffy skewed and biased news nuggets. I mean, if you’re going to skew, at least give me detailed and well-written skewed news like the other magazines mentioned above.

Time and Newsweek have been bad jokes for decades now. No one uses either as a source of serious news or analysis, and the only time I read them are in doctors' offices, and only then if there's nothing else to look at. David Brooks is right, although he's frothed a little too much on the way to that opinion: it's just not that big a deal that Newsweek printed this false Koran-flushing story. Not because it wasn't wrong or because blogs are too quick to assume the worst about their motives, but because Newsweek doesn't matter.

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