Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sh#tbag of the Week: #1 of 2

George Galloway needs horsewhipping, and has for years. This nauseating account of his disgusting diatribe in front of the Senate yesterday will make you wish you were holding the whip yourself.

Despite a typically barnstorming performance full of bluster and rhetorical flourishes, the former Glasgow Kelvin MP was pinned down by persistent questioning over his business relationship with Fawaz Zureikat, the chairman of the Mariam Appeal - set up to assist a four-year-old Iraqi girl suffering from leukaemia.

And it was a Democrat senator, Carl Levin, rather than the Republican committee chairman, Norm Coleman, who gave him the hardest time as Mr Galloway sought to turn the tables on his inquisitors, leaving him no closer to clearing his name than when he took his seat in front of the sub-committee of the Senate’s homeland security and government affairs committee in Washington.

Time and again, Mr Levin questioned him, requesting wearily that he deliver a straight answer to a straight question. But Mr Galloway could, or would not.

On second thought, I think I'd rather use a Sjambok. They're more efficient, and I already have one.

Link from Instapundit.

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Anonymous said...

Sjamboks of the world unite! I cannot believe the Senate would even invite a faggot like this to the table when they knew he would cover his stupidty by feigning being an excentric. The British cannot stand the fucker either. We have the hard proof but the U.N. is dirty so I guess we have to serve justice by firing squad on the Senate floor.