Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Predicted This Just Like Simon Did

American Idol Freakout
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I can't tell which is harder, singing after you've been booted from American Idol, or singing after you've won it. I wouldn't want to do either, but I guess after you've won you get a pile of money and the use of a private jet, so getting through one more song then must be a little easier than when you're about to become an obscure name from the Idol scrapheap.

I really had to watch the finale although I've been deeply disappointed with the show since Anwar was booted some weeks ago and the survivors seemed to lose confidence and energy. Fortunately, despite about 75 minutes of utter crap (including an unfunny riff on Paula's scandal problems that took cheap shots at Corey Clark, which may be deserved but didn't make me like Paula any more than I already don't), the show ended with a series of performances that featured Idol contestants singing with established stars, like Carrie singing with Rascal Flatts, Scott and Nikko doing "On Broadway" with George Benson (they let George do a lot of singing and the guitar/voice thing, which was great), and Vonzell with Billy Preston, which was awesome too. "Walk This Way" with a screechy Constantine, a porky Jessica Sierra and a mediocre Nadia Turner was pretty awful, Babyface's presence couldn't polish the turds that are Mikalah Gordon and Lindsey Cardinale, and the mere sight of Kenny G ruined any possible enjoyment of Anwar's return to TV singing.

In the end, I think the right person won. My wife hates Carrie, calls her a plastic robot (she hasn't latched on to the term "Farmbot" yet) and worse, but that's partly because she loves Bo Bice immoderately and partly because she hates country music. I think her main complaint is that Carrie is not terribly magnetic, but I keep telling her that Carrie is young and has talent, and that she can learn to be more expressive and interesting onstage (as long as she stops squatting as if she's about to take a dump when she's singing, that is) (My wife interjects that it's not just squatting but squatting and bobbing that's the problem), and that while Bo is a better performer, his voice isn't going to get stronger or more precise, so he's kind of topped out in terms of what he can bring to the table. I love my wife more than life itself, but I've long since learned she won't change her mind for logic and reason, so it's a pointless argument for me to pursue. I will just say that Carrie blew me away when she did Heart's "Alone" three months ago, and when they played a bit of it last night I got goosebumps again. Her voice is powerful as hell, and she can learn the fine points as she goes along, being all of 18. Bo will be great too, but he's on the downslope, and isn't really that great of a singer technically.

My wife and I were excited about Fantasia winning last year, but then her album was crap, so we don't hold much hope for great art coming out of this show, but I believe Carrie will do great things as an artist, and in the country/western world, there's a lot of collaboration between artists, which should suit her just fine. Come on, girl, get freaky and show us what you're working with. Make daddy proud and be a little more ladylike with the singing stance.

Pic from TVGasm, which has a pretty hilarious roundup of pics and sounds here.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kelly Clarkson appears to be burning bright at both ends with her bubble gum hooky hoke one hit wonder. She will only make it as far as Idol keeps writing for her. I do give her props since she has done better, in my opinion, than any other contestants maybe save Gay Akiens but I do not think he is getting any face time on MTV like buxom kelly.