Monday, May 30, 2005

Learn from Your Mistakes, or Those of Others

Oliver Stone has been nabbed for DWI and drug possession again. I have just one question: can't he afford a driver, or a taxi? Can't any of these celebrities who insist on driving drunk? I bet the average stranger on the street would give someone like Stone a ride home or to a hotel, for that matter. Why take the chance?

On the other hand, this event does lend itself to any number of mean jokes, such as this one in Just One Minute's comments:

I find it interesting that Oliver Stone is arrested at exactly the same time that:
1. An oil pipeline is opened in Azerbejian.
2. The French are in the process of voting no to the new EU constitution.
3. The Yankees are beaten by the Boston Red Sox 17-1.
Connect the dots and what do you have?

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