Sunday, May 22, 2005

New Whittle Essay: Good Stuff

Bill Whittle's essays are very long but absolutely worth the time spent reading them. His latest is called Sanctuary:

How many times are we going to let someone who makes 25 million dollars for two months of standing around making faces tell us we need our taxes raised and that they’d be willing to give up a million or two to show what good sports they are? How long are we going to tolerate being called racists by professional race baiters and how many Uncle Tom / House Nigger insults will Colin Powell and Condi Rice have to endure from these self-appointed champions of African Americans? How many times is a suspender-wearing gasbag going to wish me “Courage!” before he realizes that he and the rest of his defeatist ilk are doing their level best to destroy every last semblance of courage in this country and are in point of fact the exact last place we look to for encouragement? How many times are we going to hear from famous high school dropouts how stupid the President of the United States is?

And that's just the first paragraph. Read it all, bitches.

UPDATE: Forgot to say I found the link on Gerard's site.

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