Monday, May 30, 2005

Not Cool

I have to admit that at one time I would have been happy to see this. Now, however, I think it's icky and pointless. Bill Clinton, for all his faults, has been a fine ex-president and a decent guy all around. My major issue with him has always been that he blew the best chance any modern president has ever had to radically improve the status quo by being a sex addict with low standards. I would have been perfectly happy to find out now that he had been banging whores or even discreet civilians, but he seemed to want to get caught and involve us in his psychodrama.

I travelled to DC with a friend in early 2001 to watch the inaugural, and when we got there we watched a PBS show about Clinton that featured most of his cabinet members and some other prominent White House denizens of his administration. To a man and woman they all seemed to feel they had been let down by the pres, that he had such potential but blew all his time on scandal defense. More sad than mad, but still deeply disappointed. I think we all felt that way to some degree, even those who thought he was the Antichrist. I wish him well, and hope this crappy book goes unread.

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