Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Seems Excessive to Me

Dave at Garfield Ridge is right: there have been a lot of female teachers banging their students in this country lately. Twenty-eight, to be exact.

I have to wonder if they're doing it more, or getting caught more, these days. Hmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

Lafave and Jennings were the only two on the list that i wish were my teachers. The others were absolutely hideous and you see why they are abusing kids. The wait is over baby to FINALLY have sex in High School. How can these people think that a 14 will not tell someone!!!!! A 14 year old today is not the 14 year old of my day so cut the little raging hormones some slack. Yes you may say it's no excuse for the "Teach" but when a child is bombarded 24x7x365 with utter crap (MTV), this is the way life is lived in their minds....come on peeps can I get a crack at the two mentioned above?