Wednesday, March 30, 2005

American Idle

BOring. Last night was like a recap show on Survivor or the Amazing Race; I couldn't make myself care. The theme was the '90s, which you'd think would lend itself to a lot of great songs, especially for rockers Bo and Constantine, but Bo did "Remedy" by the Black Crowes not very well, and then Constantine sang "I Can't Make You Love Me," doing a nice job, but for crap's sake, how about some Alice in Chains, or Soundgarden?

Carrie Underwood did a nice job with "Independence Day," which my wife informed me is about a battered wife killing her husband, Kind of a weird choice lyrically, but people seeemed to like it, and she sure can sing. Better hair this time.

Vonzell pretty much nailed "I Have Nothing," which is risky by season four as many past female contestants have butchered it and, even worse, a couple have done it pretty well. Nikko did OK with "Can We Talk" but could have been better, but by comparison his was one of the better performances of the night. He reminded us that he's Ozzy Smith's kid, which is kind of cool since Ozzy was a great player and the antithesis of the steroid monkeys who have ruined Major League Baseball. It's nice to see a rich kid with a lot of drive.

Bottom three this week will likely be Nadia, who did fairly well with "I'm the Only One" but has been in the bottom three a lot, Scott Savol and Anthony Federov. I'm getting really tired of Federov and can't stand it when people try to get sympathy votes with their medical histories. Sorry, dude, but lots of people have had difficult health problems, and everyone has a story about the doctor who said you'd never do as well as you ended up doing. Having a tracheotomy scar doesn't make you a hero. Plus you're a dork and your pronunciation of some English words (he says "duh" instead of "the" sometimes) makes you sound like the singer from the Scorpions, or Europe. Go away please.

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