Monday, March 14, 2005

Nastily Put, and Deservedly So

Cathy Seipp puts the WWF Smackdown (TM) on Susan Estrich for being a "deranged cow," and worse:

And take a look at her other big gun, a website she created about L.A. Times bias.

Originally the site's only content was Estrich's syndicated column, in fairly unreadable 8-point type, with a weird logo on top that looked like the dashboard from the Starship Enterprise. Now it's morphed into an advertisement for the unpaid labor of her hapless Gender Discrimination students, who've been bean-counting the ratio of male to female opinion writers at the Times. You can read Estrich's latest missives, though, if you click on the "Note on the E-Mail Trail" link.

Estrich is in fine form here, lurching into ALL CAPS FOR NO APPARENT REASON and continually hitting off-notes; at one point she complains about unsuccessfully trying to bring her class research to the attention of the Times "powers that are." But apparently she's beginning to realize that telling someone with a neurological disease his brain is turning to mush may have been a tactical error:

"One sentence of mine, written in haste and intended only to convey an honest warning, was read by some as an attack on health grounds, something those who know me well understand that I would never do, and for which I surely would never intend any harm, and for which of course I am sorry if any were suffered," she writes. Now that's what I call lawyerly backpedaling! Media Bistro's new gossip site FishBowlLA summed her attitude nicely in a headline: "Estrich to Kinsley: It's Not Personal, You Retard."

Can you smell . . . . what the deranged ninny . . . is . . . cookin'?

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