Thursday, March 03, 2005

Good Lord

Jay Tea at Wizbang posted a couple of things here and here on a teen sex scandal that seems to be part of a larger problem.

Jay Tea seems pretty weirded out by this story, and frankly so am I. I don't know whether to make a crude joke or start working on a home schooling program for any potential future offspring. I think kids today get a much earlier and rawer exposure to sex than any generation ever has, and the internet provides an ultra-graphic education in fringe behaviors I had never even heard of until they showed up in my email of their own accord.

I think another problem is that porn has become such a mighty industry that the money is good enough to attract seriously beautiful women to even the ickiest activities. When I was young, there were maybe 10 genuinely attractive porn chicks, and none of them did the fringe stuff. Now, nothing's too gross or degrading for perfect 10s, it seems. That must lend a measure of legitimacy to the behavior; look, even someone as pretty as that lady thinks it's OK.

It's too much too soon for one of the cockiest, most empowered and confident generations of children and young adults this world has ever seen. And I think it's going to have some really weird and awful consequences. I think one day there will be a need for a company that scours old Girls Gone Wild reels and web servers to find all of mommy's embarrassing teen moments before the baby arrives. That kind of thing. Who's with me?

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