Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fishier and Fishier

Sgrena Car
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The Jawa Report has a post today with pics of what Italian TV station RAI TG1 says is the car Giuliani Sgrena was riding in when, as she says, American forces fired 300-400 rounds into it, including fire from "tanks." That look like a car that was hit by 300 rounds of even .22 ammo to you, much less anything from a tank? She said she was able to gather handfulls of spent bullets from the back seat. I'm pretty sure that's impossible, but not entirely certain. Stranger things have happened in war, and elsewhere.

As Dr. Rusty notes, Scared Monkeys has some possible explanations:

1. The US Soldiers are brilliant marksmen by placing multiple bullets through the same hole.

2. The US soldiers are terrible marksmen, firing 300-400 rounds at the automobile and missing a huge percentage of them.

3. She is a lying #$%#$% communist, who has an ax to grind against the US and its Iraqi strategy and is using this to further her own aims.

I'm not at all sure this is the right car, being the third presented by news services as the car Sgrena rode in. There is a seriously fishy smell all over this story. But at least we understand why she didn't tell Coalition forces what she was doing - she thought it was the best way to keep from getting killed (dammit, I can't find the link or remember where I saw it, but apparently she wrote a piece in the past where she explains why it's better to not let the Amreicans know where you are or what you're doing in Iraq - it's safer that way!?!?).

UPDATE: Fixed Scared Monkeys link. Ooops ...

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