Thursday, March 03, 2005

Great Advice Unlikely to be Taken

Democracy Guy, who is not a conservative, is right: Howard Dean needs to resign.

Barely a month since Dean has been DNC chair, already he has put every single Democrat in the country, whether or not they ever liked the man, on his defensive. We have to defend why suddenly he doesn't want to talk about Iraq anymore. We have to defend why he draws crowds with idiots who threw a shoe at his debate foe. And it's just beginning. All this for a position, DNC chair, that has never, ever, been such a source of distraction.

I've argued that perhaps we need to go through this as a party to hit bottom. But the endless defense of Dean that is surely coming might be more than we deserve. It's 2005, but we have to defend the Dean of 2003, because that's who voters remember. We have to defend his 2003 stand on Iraq even after Iraq has had its election in 2005. We have to defend his 2003 condemnation of the Bush democracy doctrine, even after the Bush democracy doctrine appears to be taking down one dictator after another in 2005.

And all along the way, Dean seems oblivious, as if he can just say "I don't make policy on Iraq," and that ends the debate. Mr. Chairman, you don't go to the bars in Cleveland where the mere mention of you as DNC chair starts people laughing at us; people who never knew such a thing as "DNC chair" ever existed. That reaction isn't because they disagree with the DNC over Social Security. Hell, they probably agree with the DNC on Social Security. But we can't get heard about Social Security over the din of shoes flying, tired score settling, and petulant smugness over Iraq.

Democrats don't need this. The position of DNC chair should be a de minimus media issue. Instead, it may soon become the only issue dominating the DNC on a day to day basis. It is hard to imagine picking up a single seat in Congress in 2006 under these circumstances, let alone winning the White House in 2008.

When you let mental defectives and overzealous losers take the helm, it's no wonder you end up on the rocks.

From Instapundit, who thinks it's too soon for all this. I just hope it's not too late.

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