Friday, March 11, 2005

As Good an Explanation as Any Other

Actually, that title is inappropriate: it's a perfect explanation. Varifrank pegs the source of Michael Jackson's problems very nicely here. I am inclined to agree with Dave Chappelle when he says, and I probably don't quote accurately, "Next time you see Michael Jackson and wonder why he did all that shit to his face, just remember, he did that for you, somehow." But that's not the whole problem, by any stretch of the imagination. As Varifrank points out so eloquently, Howard Hughes had the same problem, as did Elvis. Hell, even Hitler needed at least one person who could tell him he was screwing up and needed to check himself. Not that I'm comparing MJ to AH. Not yet, at least.

UPDATE: Added the first sentence and changed "a major source" to "the source." I really should proofread more.

UPDATE: And fixed the spelling of "accurately." Jeez.

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