Saturday, March 05, 2005

Et Tu, Dave?

Powerline has the transcript of the Dan Rather appearance on David Letterman, and for some reason, Dave seems to be part of the problem:

LETTERMAN: So CBS News and yourself and others cleared of that, and that seemed to be a great point of criticism, did it not, that there was political bias here, that...

RATHER: People had their own political motivations and agendas, and some people who didn't have that, who were asking the question. That's one reason the panel was appointed. That was one of their conclusions.

LETTERMAN: That charge has been erased by the fact-finding committee?

[RATHER]: That was their conclusion.

LETTERMAN: Did not exist. That evaporated. Secondly, they could not prove the documents were false. They could not prove they were true and accurate, but they also could not prove they were false

RATHER: That's correct.

LETTERMAN: That's a push right there.

RATHER: Some people would not regard it, but you've summarized it correctly. They had a lot of other findings. Those were among the findings.

Christ, why do these people think we won't know when they're lying? Sure they're on the same network, but Letterman just joined the ranks of the Bill Mahers of the world, sad apologists for guilty idiots. Which is cool since I haven't watched him since the early '90s. Good riddance to both of these dinosaurs, I say.

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