Friday, June 16, 2006

That Means You, Patsy

Duke alumnus and former Duke lacrosse team member Randall Drain writes an excellent column in the Duke paper that urges a cessation of financial support for Duke University until the president apoligizes:

Richard Brodhead, Larry Moneta, other administrators and certain faculty members have flagrantly and wrongfully hung members of the Duke men's lacrosse team out to dry.

This mistake has not gone unnoticed and will no longer be tolerated by the alumni community. I call on all of Duke University's alumni and donors to end contributions to the University pending a formal apology issued by President Brodhead on behalf of the faculty and administration for failing to appropriately support members of the Duke community.

If Duke University and its current leadership plan to allow TV personalities, sundry activists and District Attorney Mike Nifong run my alma mater, the school is not headed in the right direction, and I declare it unfit for support-financial or otherwise.

My little sister Patsy is a Dukie, and I don't know if she's following this, but if she is I hope she'll send Brodhead a nasty letter. Dukies arise, and man your battle stations!

Link from the wise and powerful LaShawn Barber.

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Mark said...

I am a Duke Alum and I agree 100%. Our Administration is 100% concerned with upholding the profile of its instituion in a community that hates it and forgetting the students to whom it is supposed to support and teach.