Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sabrina Gets her Growl On

Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
I'm amazed at the rate at which Sabrina learns things, and at how much she loves being photographed or videotaped. When I'm walking toward her with either camera, she lights up and stares straight at it even before I turn it on.

Today my lovely wife told me to get the video camera because we were going to see if she could sit up by herself on a blanket on her bedroom floor, which she had done for a few seconds but not much more. Naturally she set a new personal best of 25 or 30 seconds unsupported, smiling into the lens all the while. Of course the dogs came upstairs and tried to upstage her with doggie cuteness, but to no avail. If cuteness were the Indy 500, the dogs would be stuck in the pits while Sabrina keeps setting new lap records every day.

In this picture, she's growling her little monkey head off. Like a bear. Or maybe a sasquatch.

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