Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Best Thing Ever

Sassy Smile
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A friend and I were talking about our daughters, and how their smiles and laughs were the best thing we'd ever experienced. We were both danger-seeking nutcases for decades, and he had a lucrative and adventurous career in skydiving. And if you had asked us in 1987 what the greatest feeling we'd ever have would be, children wouldn't have entered either of our minds.

And yet here we are, knowing full well that your child's loving smile is indeed the strongest stuff made by man or God. No thrill, no achievement, no amount of money can compare. And as my good friend David G. told me over lunch last week (at Hog Island, where I ate yesterday and the day before - it was delightful, thanks), when you've got something as wonderful as Sabrina in your life, all the stresses and difficulties in the world won't dent your happiness and fulfillment. I don't even get mad, or even impatient, in traffic any more, and that in itself is a miracle.

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