Monday, June 26, 2006

Gene Simmons Junior

Cherry Jubilee
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Why does this picture make me think of Kiss? Sabrina absolutely destroys some cherries in her self-feeder, and loves it. What a happy little monster.


Anonymous said...

Sabrina should be a gerber baby!!!!

deirdre142 said...

Thank you for righting my husband's hideous comparison of his daughter to Gene Simmons. She is a beautiful baby and nothing like Gene Simmons. Taking nothing away from Gene, of course, as he is one of a kind.
I will have to remind Mike that the allusion was his when she later finds out about KISS, probably in her teenage years, along with make-up and tight pants. Will he find the comparison so clever then?

Uncle Mikey said...

Only if she dresses up like Paul Stanley. If it's the Simmons getup, I'm disowning her.