Friday, June 30, 2006

My Kind of Art

Dust Art
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Dust art, from Scott Wade of San Marcos, TX. It's all amazing, I just picked this one because it features future Texas Governor Kinky Friedman. I'm convinced Friedman will win because Texans are like that.

At UT during the mid-'80s I was one of many who voted for Hank the Hallucination, a cartoon character from Eyebeam, over future liberal nutcase and Clinton adviser Paul Begala for UT Student Council president. Hank won by a landslide but they gave it to Begala on a technicality.

Link from Brian Tiemann's excellent Peeve Farm, where he used a Mona Lisa/Starry Night derivative as a pic, so I was forced to choose between this and one of dogs playing poker. It was a tough choice.


Anonymous said...

I would rather have someone else in office other than "Kinky" but then..why not? We need regular, non-politico folks in office as it should be since they usually ( take the term lightly) have a better understanding of what the people actually want and need and are not afraid of speaking out against absurdity rather than muddle it in politically correct ho-down lingo. Jesse Ventura still rocks!

Anonymous said...

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