Friday, June 16, 2006

Silly Daddy

Funny faces
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Sabrina has been practicing her walking skills lately. I used to try to help her approximate a walking motion when she was three months old, and she was pretty good at it, but now she's got a confident stride going, even if it's just for five steps or so. She's very close to crawling, but I think we stunted her a little on that because she didn't really like tummy time very much until about a month ago, and we didn't leave her face down when she's start crying.

The hardest thing about parenting so far (other than generalized worry about her safety and welfare) is resisting the urge to do everything for her and thereby preventing her from learning to do things herself. I'm naturally a hovering helper, so it's all I can do to stop myself from guiding a toy to her mouth when she's trying to bite it, or repositioning a rattle so all of her fingers are around the handle. The good part of all that is that it always ends up being satisfying to do nothing when I see her struggling, because she invariably figures it out herself. The best kind of helping is often not helping at all, I guess.

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