Friday, June 30, 2006

Nice PR Move There, Doofus

Questionable Choice
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
So a wine maker walks into an ad agency and says, "We have created a white wine made exclusively with organic products, and we don't have a name for it. Can you guys come up with anything?" One of the ad agency guys jokingly says, "How about Pure White?" And that's how David Duke's favorite hat was born.

Honestly, did they really think this was a good idea?


Anonymous said...

I have always said to myself that I would make a great ad man. Although this is not the greatest ad, I would have to disagree with your implications on the basis that what is wrong with it? Shall we all walk on eggshells and be held hostage by the likes of McKinney, liberally throwing race around to get her way?
Don't be hatin', Be proud not racist.

Uncle Mikey said...

Well you're welcome to wear this thing around as much as you like. I won't be joining you, sasquatch.

Then again, you're not pure white, so you don't get to wear it.