Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Best Father's Day Ever

Extreme Sabrina
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
My lovely wife asked me during the week what I wanted to do for Father's Day, and I replied that I wasn't sure I'd have time to visit my parents in San Antonio, but if she really wanted us to go I'd make it work. She stared at me in silence for a minute until I slapped my forehead and said, "Oh, ME."

Deirdre made me a fantastic mushroom risotto from the Dean and Deluca cookbook, and accompanying it were ribeyes and asparagus. And when I wasn't working (which was most of the day) I played with my lovely daughter Sabrina. This picture shows her favorite position (I'm lying on the floor) and I'm proud to say that she rarely vomits despite my best attempts to make her ill with bits of momentary freefall.

D is worried I'll make our little girl a daredevil by tossing her in the air or doing the other things that make Sabrina laugh her little head off, but I maintain that you're that kind of person or you aren't, and nothing can make you that way if it's not already in you. That's my theory, anyway.

I wasn't allowed to have a motorcycle when I was a kid, so as soon as I could afford one and was out of the parents' house, I was rocketing around on a Honda Interceptor 500. The problem lay in the fact that I had no idea how to ride one and had to learn on the bike, which was an extraordinarily bad idea. I narrowly averted death hundreds of times in that first six months, mostly through pure luck, and I can only imagine that riding a kiddie dirt bike would have taught me some valuable lessons when I still had a chance of surviving a crash.

If Sabrina's lucky, we can convince Mommy that it's better to be exposed to such things with her parents. Unfortunately for Mommy, our beautiful little angel most definitely has a taste for violent, adventurous motion, so look out, world: future MX Freestyle Champion Sabrina is comin' at ya.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Mikey said...

No shaking, just a little freefall fun with ultra gentle catching. She gets a good belly laugh out of that.

deirdre142 said...

I agree with anonymous. This is a bad idea, period.