Thursday, February 17, 2005


Pejman links to one of the most interesting news stories I've ever read:

Research in young volunteers points to some kind of "sixth sense" -- a mechanism in the brain that picks up on subtle clues, then sends out subconscious signals of trouble ahead.

The finding could help explain certain intuitive phenomena seen among humans. For example, in the recent Asian tsunami, aboriginal people sought out higher ground in the moments before the disaster, as did many wild animals. Could subtle changes in weather or the environment have warned them early on?

Ever get that feeling? You must be wild and free. Maybe we should all go live in the woods naked so we can get in touch with our sixth senses.

UPDATE: Right after I posted this I thought about magic, and how people say children are more in touch with the spirit world until they learn not to be from adults. Hmmmmm.

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