Thursday, February 03, 2005

History Repeats, Usually

Go read this masterful post at Belmont Club, which is beautifully written and encompasses the clash of Islam and the West, Charles George "Chinese" Gordon, The Four Feathers (both movie and book), Winston Churchill's recollections of cavalry charges as a young lancer in the Sudan,

As always the comments are fantastic, and here's part of one I particularly liked, by fred, on the nature of the American fighting man and woman:

Our young people will, if they have to, lay down their lives because they love life. Our enemies hate life and love death. Our enemies see death as the portal to a pornographic reward. The glory we seek is another’s elevation, because our God wills that His creatures be free to love and serve one’s fellow human beings, thus knowing and loving Him. Our enemies’ view of salvation is radically opposite: the humiliation and degradation of life and of those who are not faithful co-religionists; then, in the afterlife, the continued servitude and humiliation of one half of humanity.

Our secularist opponents on the Left do not understand this, since it is considered irrelevant to plumb the depths and differences of these competing spiritualities. As far as these p.c. multiculturalists are concerned, all religions are equal and none should be judged by fairly adjudicated ethical standards

Can I get a why certainly sir?

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