Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ward Churchill: Fraud

Michelle Malkin has been all over the Ward Churchill story for a long time now, and now he's being unmasked again, this time as an art plagiarist. Seems old Ward has been copying original indian art and modifying it slightly (for the worse, as far as I can tell) and selling it. Michelle has posted the "art" in question and the source material for comparison.

Churchill should not be fired for his statements about 9/11, he should be fired for being a lying asshole who was never any part Native American. And yes, this is only the beginning. The world of American Academia is going to be examined as the worlds of politics and business routinely have been, and rightly so. It's as important to get that right as anything else, and the last thing we need is unqualified blowhards filling our kids minds with Marxist bullshit masquerading as relevant social commentary.

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