Monday, February 07, 2005

Exactly What Kind of Guy Michael Moore Is

A portly, paranoid jerk whose own employees can't find a nice word to describe him:

“I can’t accept [Moore] as a political person,” another TV Nation employee told MacFarquhar. “I can’t buy into this thing of Michael Moore is on your side – it’s like trying to believe that Justin Timberlake is a soulful guy. It’s a media product: he’s just selling me something. For the preservation of my own soul I have to consider him just an entertainer, because otherwise he’s a huge a--hole. If you consider him an entertainer, then his acting like a selfish, self-absorbed, pouty, deeply conflicted, easily wounded child is run-of-the-mill, standard behavior. But if he’s a political force, then he’s a jerk and a hypocrite and he didn’t treat us right and he was false in all his dealings.”

“I can’t go to his movies, and I can’t hold his books for very long,” Chris Kelly, who worked on TV Nation and Canadian Bacon told MacFarquhar. “When he started writing his column for The Nation, I cancelled my subscription. He broke my heart. That’s what he does to people.” Other employees have described Moore as a boss who created working conditions that resembled a “sweatshop” and “indentured servitude.”

You shouldn't need to read this to know what a crapsack Moore is, but it does help.

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Anonymous said...

Not only is he a crap sack but I unforunately caught the worst case of L.G.V.(look it up ignant under STDs) from him I will most likely never have anal sex again.
-San Fran Harry :( <-frowny face