Thursday, February 03, 2005

CNN Hits Bottom

You won't read or hear about this in mainstream media news, but CNN's Eason Jordan has claimed at an international conference that the US military targeted journalists in Iraq and killed them. A number of journalists have died in Iraq, and some of them have been killed by US forces. I don't know the particulars in many of those cases, but I expect it's Pat Tillman stuff, people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now Jordan is saying that by "targeted" he meant that they were shot or launched at deliberately but that those who shot at them didn't know they were journalists. As if that makes alleging US war crimes in front of Arab diplomats and reporters OK.

You may remember Jordan as the guy who confessed that although CNN knew about a lot of Saddam Hussein's bad behavior, they covered it up because they didn't want to lose "access." Which may be the sleaziest thing I've ever heard of in journalism. CNN is the worst of the worst, lower than CBS and The National Enquirer put together. Stop watching it; everyone else has.

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