Saturday, February 12, 2005

It's about Goddamn Time

The wicked son of a bitch is dead. Finally. Maybe he will stop being part of the problem now, but something tells me we haven't seen all the damage Eason Jordan is going to do to, yes, I said it, world peace.

As far as I can tell Jordan is one of those "journalists" who thinks they should play a part in global relations. That means he only missed the single most important rule for journalism: stay the fuck out of the story. The Fourth Estate in this country has abused its power from day fucking one. Let's not stand for it any more, mmkay? For once there is a powerful machine that can fact-check and expose journalists when they lie, or as Jordan has done repeatedly, when they commit treason. So far the score is something like Blogosphere 40, Big Journalism 0. Let's keep running it up.

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